Buy Levitra with Dapoxetine

Levitra with Dapoxetine

Generic name: Vardenafil with Dapoxetine.
Dosage: Levitra with Dapoxetine 20/60mg.
Category: Levitra,Dapoxetine.

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Premature ejaculation

If the cause of premature ejaculation is psychogenic in nature, you need to try to improve the relationship between partners. Compliance with these recommendations is sufficient only for those men who do not have problems with physical health. In other cases, more serious treatment for premature ejaculation may be required:

  • Using ointments or creams with an anesthetic helps reduce sensitivity of the glans penis.
  • Psychosexual therapy involves practicing two techniques: “stop-start” (cessation of sexual intercourse until strong arousal subsides) and “compression technique” (squeezing the head of the penis before ejaculation). They allow you to better control sexual arousal, as well as recognize the feeling of imminent ejaculation and slow it down.
  • Drugs that eliminate the cause of premature ejaculation – doctors usually prescribe drugs containing dapoxetine.

Levitra with Dapoxetine – recommendations for use and dosage

Any doctor will confirm that phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are compatible with Dapoxetine. However, in order for the use of these drugs to be effective and not to bring negative emotions from use, it is recommended to consult a specialist before use. Only a urologist can determine the correct dosage, identifying the causes and type of erectile dysfunction. When following the prescribed order of administration of Levitra and Dapoxetine, the patient will notice the following improvements:

  • the quality of erection will improve;
  • erection will persist until full satisfaction is achieved;
  • libido will increase;
  • spontaneous erection will be restored;
  • fears and anxieties will disappear.

The dosage of each of the drugs should be strictly selected by a doctor, who will take into account:

  • the patient’s age;
  • the cause and severity of sexual dysfunction disorders;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • individual intolerance to certain substances included in the composition;
  • previously prescribed drug treatment.

After collecting and studying the patient’s medical history, the doctor will make a decision. Typically, the dosage of the drug Levitra, the price of which starts from 95 hryvnias, does not exceed 20 mg, and Dapoxetine – 60 mg per day. There have been cases where doctors reduced the concentration of the active substance. Reducing the dosage was associated with the age of the patients – elderly people require the lowest dosages.

Doctors recommend taking both drugs at least 2 hours before the planned sexual activity. The tablets are swallowed whole, washed down with water. Please note that throughout the entire treatment period, it is necessary to completely refrain from alcoholic beverages and any alcohol-containing products. Otherwise, the man may be susceptible to hypersensitivity reactions, encounter vascular and heart disorders, digestive organ damage, as well as intensified side effects from each drug consumed.